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The Steamship
Motala Express

The Motala Express or "Prisoner of the Lake" as she was also called, was built in 1895 at the Jönköping Mechanical Workshop to be the biggest, fastest and most beautiful on Lake Vättern. For its time, a high-tech marvel that made its way across Vättern with the reckless speed of 14 knots and was at the same time equipped with luxurious novelties such as water closets and bathtubs. She became the supreme representative of the craftsmanship and engineering of the time. Both ship and steam engine are in original condition and today represent a very important piece of Swedish ship history. Today she lies at the steamboat pier at Strandvägen in Stockholm.


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• 1st class dining hall: 24 seated at four tables.

• The aft saloon: a long table for meetings or dinner, up to 20 seated.

• Lifeboat deck: 16-24 seated at 8 tables, at the top of the ship with open or closed canopy.

• Long deck: 8 seated at two tables with open or closed canopy.

• Middle deck: mingling for 60 guests, here is the ship's bar, toilets and access to the engine room.

• Foredeck: open deck at the front of the ship, perfect for mingling

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