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The ship
Tre Kronor Briggen

The Brigg Tre kronor af Stockholm

Formerly named Stockholmsbriggen, is a brig, which is modeled after the naval brig Gladan. The brig Tre Kronor has a permanent berth outside the Kolskjulet on Kastellholmen in Stockholm. Tre Kronor began to be built in 1997 on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.


We offer sailings on this beautiful ship.

When sailing, the maximum number of participants is 45. Then everyone can sit in the salon at the same time. However, when sitting at dinner, we recommend a maximum of 38 people.


Conferences can be held on board even when it is only by the quay.

In the large salon, the conference room, there is room for 38 to 45 people, depending on how closely you want to sit. On board there is also AV equipment with a projector, microphones and sound system for presentations and talks.


For many years, BTK has worked intensively with the Sustainable Seas Initiative and Expedition Save the Baltic Sea to spread knowledge about the Baltic Sea's challenges. Sailing with BTK is also contributing to the recovery of the Baltic Sea.


A trip with Tre Kronor is something your guests will tell you about with pride.


Themes and activities
Together with you, we put together a program of activities and speakers that will give you the most benefit from your time on board. Here are some examples of what you can do. If you have your own ideas about arrangements, themes and lecturers, we will make sure that they can be combined into a good whole.


Tre Kronor weighs 330 tons but is maneuvered with the help of the wind and its own hand power. Everything is based on cooperation, from setting sail to maneuvering.

During one day we explore the possibilities and learn how together we can make the ship go where we want.


Life, food and work are all areas that we must manage sustainably. We help you build an inspiration day around these questions.


The Baltic Sea, an ocean like no other
Why doesn't the Baltic Sea work like other seas? In many ways, the Baltic Sea is a completely unique body of water. After our presentation, you will look at the Baltic Sea with completely different eyes.


Wreck safari
Nowhere in the world are there as many well-preserved wrecks as in the Baltic Sea. With our expert on board, we can give you both pictures and stories from the various wrecks that we sail over during our journey through the archipelago.


Lighthouse Safari

Few places are as marked by their history as our lighthouse. Each place has its own history with drama and everyday life that also gives us perspective on our own life today.


Art and literature in the archipelago

Stockholm's archipelago has inspired many of our great writers and artists. A visit to Zorn's studio on Bullerön can be an example.


Knots in everyday life
Knots are something you can geek out about to any extent, but there are half a dozen knots that even the most die-hard land crabs would take great pleasure in knowing. Give us an hour on board and we can show and tell.

The Ship

Tre Kronor af Stockholm was built on Skeppsholmen in the years 1997-2008. The activity consists of sailings with both young people and adults as well as information on sustainability with a particular focus on the Baltic Sea.


• Length: 35 m (45 m incl. pointing).

• Width: 8.3 m.• Draft: 3.3 m

• Displacement (weight): 330 tons approx.

• Number of sails: 19 pcs.

• Sail area: approx. 750 m2

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