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Bröllop i Segelsalen


Segelsalen is located inside one of Stockholm's oldest houses on Skeppsholmen. The view from the party floor, which is located upstairs in the building, is magnificent. Strandvägen and Gröna Lund are on the other side, but right here there is a noticeable calm, among boats and tar smell.

Welcome your guests in the entrance hall or outside by the quay if the weather allows. Let's serve dinner, seated or in buffet form up at Segelsalen
After dinner, there is the opportunity to open a bar and dance floor in the beautiful Tackelkammaren downstairs. 

Capacity seated dinner: In the large Festival Hall - Segelsalen, which is suitable for weddings, anniversaries and corporate events, we can accommodate up to 120 people.
If you want to mingle in the Sailing Hall, the maximum number of 140 people is recommended.

Capacity seated dinner: In the small ballroom - Tackelkammaren, which is suitable for dinner and mingling, we can accommodate up to 50 people. If you want to mingle on two levels and use both Segelsalen and Tackelkammaren, we can accommodate up to 180 people.


Everything from affordable buffets to advanced 3-course meals. Food choices are adapted to each customer, from our own catering suppliers.


Drinks are ordered through one of our partners. 


Here you can have both live band and DJ, sound system is available for rent if needed. End time 01.00 with the possibility of extension according to agreement.

Experience the Segelsalen in a 360 tour.
Click around and see all the rooms

Segelsalen visualiseringar
& bordsplaner i 3D

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